Help & FAQ

The Lotto is by far the most popular game of chance in Faroe Island. Although it can seem quite complicated compared to our lotteries in the Faroe Island, the information below should help to answer the most frequently asked questions of people who are new to the game.

How much does it cost?
It costs £0.50 for the Faroe Lotto

Do I pay any taxes or special fees on my winnings?
No, at you won’t pay any extra taxes or special fees on any of your Faroe Lotto prizes.

What are the odds of winning Faroe Lotto?
There are 2 prize tiers for the Faroe Lotto :

Matched Numbers            Odds of Winning
4                                            1:847
3                                            1:59

What are the Lotto Draw Days and Times?
The Lotto is drawn everyday

How can I increase my chances to win the Faroe Lotto?
There are no scientifically proven ways to increase your odds of winning the Lotto short of betting more numbers. You can do this either by betting in lottery syndicates. Betting in a lottery group with friends, family, colleagues or teammates is a great way to disperse costs and increase your chances of winning by pooling bets.